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Anti-radicalisation training for sports coach UK Safeguarding Tutors

Wed, 16 Dec 2015

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On Tuesday 8 December, a group of sports coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children tutors attended the Police and Home Office Prevent Strategy WRAP training.

The training is aimed at agencies that may be able to play a part in preventing the radicalisation of young people or vulnerable adults, before it takes place. It is crucial that those who come into contact with young people and others, who may be at risk of radicalisation, are able to recognise, respond to and report these concerns.

David Turner, sports coach UK Coaching Children Lead said

"The session will add some real value to our Safeguarding offer at sports coach UK.  We are one of the few organisations that have pro-actively sought training in this area. I was relieved in some ways to see that the signs and symptoms of radicalisation are the same as any other type of abuse."

The Police approach is a pro-active and positive one, with those at risk of radicalisation invited to take part in a support programme with a mentor. The success of the scheme is in preventing serious radicalisation occuring in the first place. Next sports coach UK will work with the Child Protection in Sport Unit to consider how we can update our Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop to incorporate the risk of radicalisation and the appropriate action for coaches and others in sport to take.

sports coach UK would like to thank the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit and our Safeguarding Tutors for playing their part in the day. 

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