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Aspire II 2014-15 Coaches Announced

Fri, 06 Dec 2013

sports coach UK has announced a cohort of 21 coaches from 15 sports and all the home countries for Aspire II 2014-15.

The coaches are:

  • Femi Akinsamya: Athletics
  • Kwan Brown : Hockey
  • Kay Cossington: Girls/Women’s Football
  • Denise Ellis: Netball
  • David Evans: Squash
  • Elaine Grant: Athletics
  • Sacha Hamilton: Para Equestrian
  • Greg Hitchen: Canoeing
  • Alan Keane: Basketball
  • Andrew Lane: Triathlon
  • Steve Lloyd: Triathlon
  • Neil Matthews: Golf
  • Kristina Medovicikova: Canoeing
  • Neil Menzies: Hockey
  • Graham Moodie: Hockey
  • Claire Morrison: Boccia
  • Jody Paul: Hockey
  • Andrew Reid: Swimming
  • Rhodri Thomas: Weightlifting
  • Matthew Trodden: Swimming and Para Swimming
  • Ian Williams: Fencing

Aspire is a national development programme for coaches working with high-potential athletes and teams. The programme aims to develop a coach’s expertise in the talent/performance domain by expanding their knowledge, broadening their understanding and influencing their coaching practice to better support the needs of their athletes/teams.

It is led by sports coach UK with the support of the home country sports councils. Funding is provided by UK Sport.

Alan Keane, said: “I am very excited about being selected to the Aspire programme for 2014/15. This is an amazing opportunity to share good practice and ideas with like-minded coaches from other sports. Having a mentor will be an incredible opportunity to monitor and enhance my development as a coach. I am eagerly awaiting our first workshop in January.”

Kristina Medovicikova said: “I am delighted and it’s a fantastic opportunity. I am hoping to step up and develop the skills needed to become a better coach for future Olympians.”

Andrew Lane said: "The Aspire program is a great opportunity to continue to learn and develop as a coach. It is a privilege to be selected along with the rest of the cohort and I am really looking forward to this part of my coaching journey. Primarily, I am excited about the chance to engage and interact with other individuals who are passionate about coaching and want to discuss important issues and experiences in order to deepen our knowledge and expertise."

sports coach UK CEO Dr Tony Byrne said: “The success of Aspire reinforces our desire to invest in coaches working at the talent development stage of the athlete performance pathway. We know excellent coaching is important at every stage in an athlete’s career. It’s especially important for those working with talented young athletes to be able to engage, nurture, motivate and develop them."

UK Sport Head of coaching Graham Taylor said: “A priority for UK Sport is to build a stronger more sustainable UK high performance sporting system, and coach development is fundamental to this aspiration. Through collaboration with home country sports councils, sports coach UK and national governing bodies of sports, Aspire II 2014-15 plays a key role at the foundation level of the coach development pathway to support and challenge our emerging coaches so they are well equipped to prepare our future champions.”

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