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British Blind Sport launch 'Visually Impaired Target Sport' guide

Thu, 12 Jan 2017

British Blind SportBritish Blind Sport (BBS) has launched a brand new guide to enable coaches, leaders and club personnel to learn more about sight loss and eye conditions, and to further understanding of the needs of people with visual impairment who want to take part in the target sports of archery or shooting.


The charity, who provides sporting opportunities for the visually impaired throughout the UK, has already launched educational resources for visually impaired football, swimming, athletics, judo and general sport and are proud to add the archery and shooting guide to their library.

Funded and supported by Agincourt 600, the 'Visually Impaired Target Sport' guide has been designed to educate the coaching and club network to ensure a greater knowledge of visually impaired archery and shooting, helping enhance opportunities for more visually impaired people to take part in these exhilarating sports.

Alaina MacGregor, CEO of British Blind Sport, said, “We know that ensuring participation in sport is a positive experience for a visually impaired person, is often down to a skilled and confident coach or teacher. The guide is a fantastic and insightful tool for those coaches and teachers who want to help others achieve their sporting goals and who are committed to making a visible difference through sport.”

Dr. Sinclair Rogers, Chair of Agincourt 600, said, “The Agincourt 600 charity was set up to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, one of the most famous battles in English history. The key part that longbows and archery played in the battle led the committee to pledge support to the advancement of archery, fencing and shooting for the disabled. We could think of no better scheme to support disabled people than this project. This resource will hopefully continue the good work that BBS has already done in these sports and allow the sports deliverers to continue providing sporting opportunities in an informed and productive way.”

1,200 copies of the guide have been produced and are ready for distribution to those coaches and sports deliverers who want to learn more about visual impairment and how to deliver visually impaired target sports. The guide is accessible either as a hard copy glossy document or via the British Blind Sport website –  If you want to obtain a copy, please contact [email protected].uk or call 01926 42 42 47.

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