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Call for sports industry to provide feedback on professional standards consultation

Tue, 30 Jan 2018

UK Coaching is working in partnership with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) in encouraging partner organisations, the employers of coaches and members of the public to take part in a consultation on professional standards.

The professional standards will provide clear definitions of the different roles across the sport sector. They will also inform the development of qualifications, further education programmes, degrees, apprenticeships and continuous professional development opportunities to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet the needs of the learner.

Organisations that employ and deploy the coaching workforce will be able to use the professional standards to plan, mobilise, develop and support.

UK Coaching has worked in partnership with CIMSPA to develop the draft standards for Coaching and Working with Children. This has included consultation with Governing Bodies of Sport, County Sports Partnerships Sport for Development agencies, National sports agencies and a range of other partners including Higher Education Institutes, insurers and workforce development consultants.

Emma Atkins, Director of Coaching at UK Coaching, said:

“The reason why people engage with sport and physical activity is wide ranging and continuously evolving. Therefore, we need to continue to develop a coaching workforce that can respond to these needs to ensure we have an active nation now and into the future. We also know that the way our coaching workforce wants to engage in their own learning is changing, and in the essence of great coaching, we need to be flexible to meet those needs. Through sector-wide collaboration, we can truly ensure that coaching is recognised for the huge benefits it brings to society and is accessible to all.

“Working in collaboration with CIMSPA, we at UK Coaching are urging our partners, all organisations who work with a coaching workforce, coaches and members of the public to take part in this consultation and provide valuable feedback to shape the professional standards of coaching and other vital areas which will underpin how we support the coaching workforce to provide the very best experiences to people engaging in sport and physical activity whatever their motivation across the UK.”

A number of surveys have been designed to feedback on the consultation. You can provide your feedback before the closing date of Friday 9 February:

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