Coaching in the UK

Carr Calls for Increase in Female and Disability Coaches

Tue, 11 Jun 2013

Rod Carr has underlined the importance of increasing the number of female, and disability and disabled coaches, in high-performance sport.

The UK Sport Chair said it's vital to get more women coaches working at the highest level of both female and male sport .

He added that there needs to be more elite disability and disabled coaches, saying although sport in this country is improving in this area - other countries are doing better.

Carr was speaking at the UK Coaching Summit 2013 at the FA’s state-of-the-art coaching-learning centre at St George’s Park.

He also talked about key factors for success in sport, highlighting mindset and attitude, and humility to learn.

Expanding on mindset and attitude he said it is something both coaches and athletes need and that it is different for each sport.

Carr added that it is important that a sport is always looking to learn and move forward and improve.

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