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The case for coaching: People who are coached lead healthier lifestyles

Mon, 22 May 2017

People who are coached are more likely to be physically active and lead healthier lifestyles, suggests ’10 years of Active People Survey’ data.

Secondary analysis of the Sport England survey, found that coached participants are more likely to engage in sport or physical activity for at least thirty minutes on three or more days a week. And have a better diet i.e. higher intake of fruit and vegetables, compared to non-coached participants.

Currently there are 7.2 million adults across the UK who receive coaching in sport and physical activity, from a coaching workforce of 3.6 million adults.

This research suggests that coaching plays a part in encouraging people to be more active, and in improving an individual’s experience of sport and physical activity. Coaching has also been proven to improve physical and mental well-being, and increase economic, individual and social development – for both coach and participant.

A broader definition of coaching now exists to recognise these wider benefits on society, as well as incorporating the traditional coaching of teaching sport specific skills and knowledge.

In order to reflect this new definition, Sports Coach UK is changing its name to UK Coaching from 22 May and realigning its objectives to support more people who use coaching skills and a wider remit of organisations that use a coaching workforce.

Mark Gannon, Chief Executive Officer of UK Coaching, said:

“I am delighted to unveil UK Coaching to the sport and physical activity landscape. In this new era for coaching we are talking to a more diverse audience and delivering on a larger scale. Our new name truly reflects our purpose and goals.

“Our Case for coaching report shows statistics that those who are coached lead healthier lifestyles which is great news.

“Coaching is about people creating great experiences to help others achieve their aims, no matter what their motivations are. For more than 30 years we have championed the benefits of coaching and provided the coaching workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to make a positive difference.

“We will continue to provide organisations that support coaching with solutions to help them create great coaches who create great experiences. We will also provide those who are coaching with great content to help them on their coaching journey. By extending our reach into new markets we can ensure coaching continues to help more people lead healthier lives.”

Eddie Van Hoof MBE, Head National Coach for Men's Artistic Gymnastics and current UK Coaching Awards Coach of the Year, said:

“It’s great to see research that suggests those who are coached are leading healthier lifestyles.

“Obviously coaching is a hugely important aspect of sport and physical activity. And I know from my time as coach of the British men’s gymnastics team what kind of experiences – sometimes euphoric – coaching can lead to. Equally it is encouraging to see coaching noticed for its wider benefits on society.

“When I was competing as an international gymnast I always saw my role in the team as the person who provided stability so my team mates could perform well. Through coaching I was able to continue to nurture, be compassionate and help others to succeed. Ultimately that is what coaching’s about.”

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