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Coaches can use technology to get more people active

Tue, 05 Jul 2016

The second part of a research study commissioned by sports coach UK has shown how coaches can use technology to get more people active, both in sport and physical activity.

There are opportunities for coaches to work with participants remotely, supporting them as they use apps as well as offering them face-to-face sessions.

Coaches can also help engage inactive people who are interested in using technology for sport/physical activity by breaking down some of the key barriers they face, such as difficulty understanding technology and the benefits it can provide.

Framed using the trans-theoretical model of behaviour change, this ground-breaking research provides the insight we need to ensure the coaching industry can truly embrace technology in the future.

Mike Fisher, Head of Research and Innovation at sports coach UK said:
“This research significantly enhances our knowledge of coaching and technology.

As our initial report showed, it is no secret that technology is quickly becoming a key part of our sporting lifestyles. But, until now there was very little evidence gathered directly from the people who are actually using it. We now know what technologies people use, why they use them and how, and what role coaches can play in the process.

With this insight we can start to plan how coaching can work in tandem with technology to reach new audiences and provide everyone with the sport and physical activity experiences they are looking for.

Our immediate focus is to continue this work by exploring new coaching offers that utilise technology, including who these may be targeted at and the technology packages that underpin them.

We are genuinely excited about the potential of this research and look forward to working with our sector partners to take it forward.”

Dr Amy Whitehead and Professor David Morley oversaw the research conducted at Liverpool John Moores University. Professor Morley said:
“As we strive to understand more about the reasons why the population participate in sport, the need to recognise the role of technology in participant behaviour is paramount. This exciting piece of unique research demonstrates a fundamental understanding of the emerging picture of the role of technology in sports participation and will be vital in informing a wide range of stakeholders about their policy and provision. Most importantly, it will allow us to harness the power of technology in changing people's behaviours as they enter, or remain in, sport and physical activity environments.”

The Technology, Participation and Coaching can be downloaded from the sports coach UK website.

The first part of this study, Coaching and New Technology Market Research report is also available.

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