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Coaching continues to have a positive impact on sport

Thu, 13 Aug 2015

Continued research from sports coach UK shows that coaching has a positive impact on sport with participants who are coached confirming that it increases enjoyment, commitment and the time spent playing.

The latest results come from year two of the Participant Survey - a four year project carried out by the sports coach UK research team examining the impact of coaching on participants.

It is the second successive year that results show coaching continues to have a positive impact on the majority of adults and young people participating in sport.

The survey found that coaching had increased the enjoyment of sport in 74% of adults and 66% of young people; increased the passion or commitment in 71% of adults and 65% of young people; increased the time spent playing sport in 56% of adults and 66% of young people.

Further information shows that coached participants also continue to have a stronger affinity to sport than those who are not coached.

Helen Davey, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of sports coach UK, said:

“I am delighted with the findings from this survey that prove the importance of coaching when considering participants in sport and the effects it has on enjoyment, passion and commitment.

“sports coach UK is committed to developing the appropriate workforce which will in turn lead to a greater participation experience for all.”

Alongside these positive results the report shows there is still more work to be done. In particular, there is a need to reconsider how coaching meets the needs and motivations of modern youth audiences.

The full Participant Survey report and Executive Summary can be found attached to this article.

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