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Cowan Backs Gillette Great Start Programme

Wed, 25 Jun 2014

Lead Sprints Coach for British Athletics Lloyd Cowan spoke about the importance of coaching as part of the Gillette Great Start Programme.

Cowan, a finalist in the High-performance Coach category at the 2013 UK Coaching Awards, said “Some of the greatest moments in my life have been as a coach, and I’m delighted to be involved in the Gillette Great Start programme.  The campaign is great for athletics and every sport as it encourages more people to get into coaching and raises the UK’s chances of having more quality coaches who will help produce future champions.”

The Gillette Great Start programme, run in partnership with sports coach UK, is in its third year. The scheme celebrates the role of coaching and supports coaches by offering grants to both aspiring and amateur coaches who wish to further their qualifications. Applications are open via the brand’s Facebook page (<>) and will close on 31 August 2014.

sports coach UK CEO Dr Tony Byrne said: “Gillette understands that without the tireless efforts of volunteer coaches and educators, the next generation would not be inspired to pursue careers in sport and new talent would remain undiscovered.  We also know that the cost of gaining a qualification is seen as a major barrier by many aspiring coaches, so we’re delighted that Gillette’s Great Start programme will enable more people to develop their skills”.

Gillette brand manager, Jared Regan, commented: “Gillette has a rich heritage in sport and we appreciate the crucial role that both amateur and professional coaches play in the success of sport in the UK. Coaching is the sporting embodiment of a great start and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to sponsor these grants for a third year and give more people the opportunity to feel at their best by giving back to their community through coaching.”

As part of its partnership with sports coach UK, Gillette is also continuing to support the UK Coaching Awards, which celebrate the role of coaching in encouraging participation, performance and excellence. As part of the Great Start programme Gillette is offering people the chance to nominate a coach who deserves recognition for their work for the UK Community Coach of the Year Award. Gillette’s ongoing partnership with sports coach UK is part of the brand’s continued commitment to help support coaching development.

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