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Developing a healthy generation - Sports Xtra need you!!

Fri, 22 Apr 2016

The youth of today are a whole lot more sedentary than ever before, with more children than ever classified as obese throughout the UK. With rapidly evolving technical trends and a huge increase in foods and drinks with high sugar/ fat content, we are heading fast towards an obese generation. 

As parents and professionals we know that exercise and a healthy lifestyle is good for both physical and mental wellbeing. With the correct role models and especially when sport is on a national stage, participation increases significantly, which with it brings huge health benefits, but how can participation and involvement in sport be increased all the time? 

Sports Xtra are a leading provider of specialist after school clubs, holiday clubs and sports parties working across to UK to help young people reach their full potential and increase health and well being. As an organisation Sports Xtra focus on doing things differently. Acknowledging that every individual is different. Sports Xtra clubs are not just about mainstream sports sessions, but include a whole host of activities including martial arts, fencing, boxing and even spy and detective camps. The aims are simple everyone should have an opportunity to get involved whether they like sport or not. 

Rob Oyston, Managing Director of Sports Xtra says ‘It is so important to us as a business that we are able to shape these young people’s futures. We know that different activities suit different individuals which is why we pride ourselves on providing such a wide range. The most important thing is making sure individuals have access to these kind of sessions no matter where they are. We need more coaches across the UK to inspire younger generations.’ 

Sports Xtra are looking for individuals who would be interested in becoming Physical Activity Professionals and running individual franchises across the country. As part of this offering they would be able to tap into the great resources and coaching materials that children love so much but deliver in a way that suits their needs. 

Adam Marstons one of Sports Xtra’s first Physical Activity Professionals said ‘ There are so many things I love about being a Physical Activity Professional, first and foremost it is so rewarding being able to with young people and shape their future. For me as a student, it has also been amazing because it fits around my schedule, allows me to run my own business and gives me the income I need. Many of my friends and colleagues have part time jobs but none of them offer the same rewards as my job as activity professional.

Visit the Sports Xtra for more information and to sign up -

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