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Earned extra cash in your spare time and need to bring your tax affairs up to date?

Wed, 02 Nov 2016

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is running the Second Incomes campaign. This campaign gives people who are employed and have additional income that’s not taxed the chance to bring their tax affairs up to date.

What counts as a second income?

A second income could come from a range of activities:

  • organising and facilitating events
  • providing coaching, football refereeing, tutoring or fitness training services
  • being a sports instructor or delivering lessons.

Below is an example where the Second Incomes Campaign has been used successfully.

Supermarket manager John has a second income from being a Golf Instructor.

John is a supermarket manager and tax is deducted from his wages by his employer. His hobby is golf and in 2015 he gained his instructor qualifications and now provides lessons at a local golf club. He receives a small income.

He believed the Club Treasurer was deducting tax before paying his fee. However, he discovered that this was not the case, so he contacted HMRC for advice.
John used the Second Incomes disclosure facility to bring his tax affairs up to date.

Who can do this?

You can use the Second Incomes campaign to bring your tax affairs up to date if:

  • you’re an employee
  • you’re resident in the UK
  • you have additional income from working for yourself

Get the best terms

Taking part in the Second Incomes campaign means that you’ll get the best possible terms.

What you need to do next

If you want to tell HMRC about your additional income you’ll need to follow this link to the disclosure facility. There you’ll be able to notify, then disclose and pay what they owe within 4 months of receiving HMRC’s acknowledgement of their notification.

Help and advice

Further help and advice is available here.

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