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Employment Status of Coaches: Guidance for Higher Education Institution Staff and Coaches

Thu, 10 Jan 2013

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) and sports coach UK have produced coach employment status in higher education guidance documents for Higher Education Institution (HEI) staff and coaches.

The documents created as part of the existing partnership between BUCS and sports coach UK are:

Employment Status of Coaches - A Guide for Higher Education Institutions

This provides guidance for HEI staff members on:

  • principles of coach employment status in HE and why it is important
  • actions that an institution may need to take to safeguard its position
  • information on where to go for more help

Employment Status of Coaches - A Guide for Coaches Working in Higher Education

This provides guidance and reference for coaches on:

  • the importance of employment status
  • how to identify their status of employed or self employed
  • what to do when they know their status

The documents created in consultation with HMRC were produced after feedback identified the need for clarification and direction in this area.

In addition to the documents sports coach UK will be launching an online e-learning module that will provide further training and detailed information, more information will follow on this.

Jenny Buckham, Head of Coaching Network at sports coach UK said: “sports coach UK is delighted to have worked with BUCS to produce guidance on the employment Status of coaches, a current hot topic for HE. The guidance has come about as a result of strong partnership working. It is an exciting time for our partnership with further work expected to support coaching within HE”.

Jon Brookstein, Head of Sport Development at BUCS said: “Engaging with key partners such as sports coach UK is integral to BUCS and allows us to deliver quality support to our members. These guidance documents have been developed at the request of our members and will help to maintain and improve the level of coaching within the sector. We are actively engaging in relationships with other key partners to produce future resources to support the delivery of HE sport.”

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