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Final modern learning event

Mon, 13 Mar 2017

Sports Coach UK’s coach education team hosted the last modern learning event. Kurt Ewald Lindley, Lead Development Officer – Coach Developer, was supported by Michelle Parry-Slater of Kairos Modern Learning in delivering a session on ‘Scaffolded Social Learning’.

In attendance were 15 delegates from the following partners: England Athletics, UK Athletics, Welsh Athletics, British Cycling, Football Association, Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football League, Active Sussex, Energise Me (Hampshire County Sports Partnership), Kent Sport, Derbyshire Sport and Tyne & Wear Sport.
The session was the culmination of a year's worth of ‘Modern Learning’ partner events, and brought together multiple delivery methods, as well as new unseen material.

During the day delegates were engaged in the design and development of a personal ‘Scaffolded’ learning experience, the principles of which were:

  • Co-creative and co-created.
  • Three levels of narrative: Personal, co-created and organisational.
  • Makes knowledge visible through sharing and collaboration.
  • Community built with permission and courage.

The primary focus of the day was to create learning where space and time exists for all the stories to be told, shared and co-created. That of the individual, the collective and the organisation. The material for the session was generated in partnership with Sea Salt Learning, a leading learning and development company, in the world of corporate learning, talent development and social leadership.

At the midway point of the event a check in with delegates showed an honest refection on the value and understanding of this approach to learning, some sharing views of challenge, confliction of thought, whilst others seeing the logic and intrigue in this model.

Preceding and during the day delegates engaged in a ‘virtual’ community via slack which was supported by Sam Westlake of Sea Salt Learning, who played the role of virtual learning partner. Questions were posed and responded to in this space and the intention is for this community to exist beyond the day as an illustration of social learning.

Final thoughts from delegates included comments like, ‘created curiosity’, ‘still processing’ and some were even ‘inspired’ by the opportunity.

"It was really useful to attend the sessions as they really encouraged different ways of thinking and helped my try things out and formed Ideas," said
Suzanne Watson, Derbyshire Sport

Spent most of today's workshop relating the task to a project I am in the middle of. Made me realise we had done much of this planning along the same lines. Gave me chance to rationalise the final element in my head," said Andrew Webb, Rugby Football Union.

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