Coaching in the UK

Finding: Coaching at Heart of Equestrianism

Tue, 29 May 2012

British Equestrian Federation (BEF) CEO Andrew Finding says that coaching is at the heart of the sport and the delivery of its performance and participation objectives.

Speaking at the UK Coaching Summit 2012 he said that the governing body has set itself a target of increasing its active, skilled coaching workforce to 8,500.

BEF is also changing the organisation’s coaching culture from solely instruction to an emphasis on coaching the whole person.

Finding added that the governing body is also on a mission to streamline its coaching awards, an objective already well on its way thanks to the introduction of the UKCC with 27 coaching awards now offered as opposed to 120 awards pre-UKCC.

Finding said: “Increasing our coaching workforce, and the changes we’ve made to our coaching culture and awards have helped professionalise and modernise our sport, increasing participant satisfaction and retention.”

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