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Flower Backs Level-4 Programme

Tue, 24 Jul 2012

England Cricket Team Director and 2011 UK Coach of the Year Andy Flower has given his support to the ECB Level-4 coach education programme.

Speaking about the Programme, which became fully UKCC endorsed in the summer of 2011, Flower told the Daily Mail: "Some have criciticised our level-four programme saying it will lead to overcoaching or to a too structured, regularised approach.

"But the course is pretty much opposite to that philosophy. It is about allowing players to express themselves. It is about celebrating diversity.  It's about bringing the strengths out of players rather than looking only at their weaknesses."

Flower's comments reflect those he made when speaking to sports coach UK ahead of the 2012 UK Coaching Summit. Reflecting on his time on the level-4 course he said: "That was an important development in my coaching philosophy, my development as a coach and development of my self awareness. I really enjoyed it.

"The most important  aspect of the level-4 course was some of the lessons on communication, on holding meetings, on learning styles. It helped me grow as a person and opened my eyes to the way other people think and see the world. Crucially it gave me more confidence as a coach." 

The UKCC is a development framework that supports the:

  • development of governing body of sport coach-education programmes
  • endorsement of governing body of sport coach-education programmes
  • continuous improvement of governing body sport coach-education programmes

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