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Ground-breaking new Training in fundamental movement skills

Thu, 27 Oct 2016

The brand-new How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement workshop from sports coach UK will transform the way fundamental movement skills are coached.

The newly-evolved Youth Physical Development Model promotes coaching of fundamental movement skills (FMS) throughout a lifetime of sport, not just childhood, and challenges long accepted opinion that strength training should be held back until children reach adolescence.

Fundamentals of Movementsports coach UK’s engaging tutors will provide coaches with a thorough understanding of what FMS are and why they are important, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to incorporate key elements into every one of their sessions.

It is a must for anyone responsible for delivering sport or physical activity sessions to children, including Primary School Teachers, and represents excellent CPD.

"Integrating fundamentals into my coaching practice has reinforced how essential they are in skill development, participant engagement and sport performance. The course has allowed me to develop greater awareness of the importance and role of fundamentals when coaching children and adults through experiential learning and to be able to design related activities for use in the practice setting." Richard Cheetham, Senior Fellow in Sports Coaching, University of Winchester.

The workshop is open to any organisation in the UK, ranging from charities and community organisations to universities and businesses. Sports Coach UK, is subsidising this training to keep the cost low at £250, plus £7.99 per person, for up to 25 participants.

Organisations can book a How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement workshop for their groups of people – activity leaders, coaches, instructors, students, indeed anyone who wants to help people to be active and stay active – on the sports coach UK Website.

Help with marketing your event

Organisation can share this inspiring, short film to help promote your event and raise awareness of the importance of nurturing physical confidence in your community.

Find out more

You can find out more about the package on our website. The sports coach UK team can also answer your queries:

• Telephone on 0845-601 3054

• E-mail [email protected]

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