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A guide to insuring your workforce

Mon, 16 Jan 2017

It is important that coaches whether voluntary or paid, are appropriately insured, which is why Sports Coach UK has launched their 'Insurance Guidance Toolkit'.

The guide will help organisations secure the most appropriate insurance for their workforce, whether they directly employ and deploy coaches or need to provide insurance for affiliated coaches deployed within affiliated organisations (e.g. within clubs).

Overall the guide will help organisations to:

  • Understand their responsibilities around insuring coaches.
  • Help secure the right insurance for their workforce.
  • Prepare for conversations with insurance companies.

And includes:

  • Key facts about insuring coaches and the different types of insurance available.
  • Identifying who to insure.
  • What key information organisations may need to provide to their insurance company.
  • FAQs on insuring those in activation roles; collated from partners and organisations that have people working in activation roles in a variety of settings.

To try the guide for youself head over to Insurance Guidance Toolkit

Insurance Guidance Toolkit (Gif)


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