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Help your coaches deal with issues which can have a negative impact on their sessions

Mon, 18 Apr 2016

Perhaps lateness is an issue or someone is constantly distracting others – how a coach manages these issues will have a major impact on the overall experience of a session’s participants. 

sports coach UK has developed an eLearning module and face to face workshop to help coaches develop vital skills and confidence to encourage better behaviour in their participants. 

The 30 minute ‘Inspiring Positive Behaviour in Sport’ eLearning module helps coaches develop skills in managing disruptive behaviour and creating a positive coaching environment.  Coaches can enrol on this eLearning course at the sports coach UK Learning Hub.

Our face to face workshops offer a relaxed and supportive environment where coaches can spend time to develop and share ideas with coaches across all sports.  Skills and techniques can be practised and then applied with confidence within their own sessions.  This short video shows how attending this workshop helped her Yvonne to reduce antisocial behaviour at her club.

Find out more details of how to run our “Positive Behaviour Management in Sport” workshop.  

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