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Inclusive Coaching: Including Everyone in Your Session

Mon, 13 Mar 2017

We have created a new resource to provide one-stop access to coaches looking to learn more about how to include everyone in their sessions.

The recent strategies published by the Government and Sport England recognise the need to create a more active nation. To achieve this every coach can play their part by pro-actively and confidently welcoming people from many different backgrounds and abilities into sessions.

This new resource contains information and an online activity to support coaches to think differently about their approach.

Fundamentally, an inclusive coach needs to acknowledge that their fears or reluctance to coach in different environments is often governed by their unconscious biases. These biases are human nature.

This acknowledgement and awareness will lead to coaches finding ways to overcome their biases. Coupled with great communication skills, (asking the right questions and listening to the answers) coaches will find it more likely that individual needs are met which, in turn, will lead to that person developing a habit of being more active.

Access the resource via our website for free.

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