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International Women’s Day - #BeBoldForChange

Tue, 07 Mar 2017

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day (IWD), observed on 8 March, celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women world-wide.

For well over a hundred years the day has also sought to address the gender inequalities patriarchal societies create; keeping the topic of gender equality at the forefront of people’s minds and calling on women, men and non-binary people to work together for parity.

This year’s IWD theme #BeBoldForChange, is a direct call to action for greater change for women and move towards equality, after a recent prediction from the World Economic Forum suggests that the gender gap won’t close entirely until the year 2186.

In sports coaching there is currently a lack of gender diversity: with two thirds of all sports coaches being men and only 17% of qualified coaches being women.

The challenges facing women who want to get into coaching, revolve around coaching still being perceived as a gendered role for men and time pressures like looking after family members, taking priority over other activities.

The main routes of entry into coaching are through participation but with fewer women regularly participating in sport (31.9% of women as opposed to 40.5% of men), there are fewer women transitioning from playing into coaching, and therefore fewer role models for other women and girls to see coaching as an opportunity for them.

As the UK’s technical agency for the industry, we know that coaching is a rewarding opportunity. It delivers social benefits, like improving self-esteem, developing skills and allowing the coach to stay fit. And also provides an opportunity for someone to give back to their community: connecting people, having fun and providing opportunities for others to become and stay active. 

Sports Coach UK’s national brand Reach – is all about supporting women into coaching and raising the profile of women coaches.

Reach wants to encourage more women to become more active and stay more active. To achieve this, we want equality of opportunity for women in coaching at all levels because we believe that by having more women coaches – acting as role models, you’ll increase the number of women being more physically active.

If you’re interested in getting into coaching, head over to for further details. Don’t forget to get involved with IWD’s #BeBoldForChange and show how you’re addressing gender inequality in coaching.

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