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McAllister and Howie Talk Motivation and Experience

Fri, 06 Jun 2014

Tony McAllister and Rhona Howie told the UK Coaching Summit in Glasgow what drives them as a coach, what they have learnt, and motivating the next generation of coaches.

Talking about what drives him Tony, the Head Coach of the British Disabled Ski Team, focused on three areas. The first was the passion he has for sport. He also believes it’s important to change perceptions, such as what is possible for people with impairments. He added that he is driven to achieve and to meet challenges.

Expanding on what he has learnt Tony said it’s important to manage future coaches expectations, while he underlined the key role of the team behind the team, adding that athletes, coaches and support teams must have shared goals, be cohesive and have trust in each other. He also said it’s crucial that there are pathways for coaches and athletes, while coaches and athletes must use the resources available to them to maximum efficiency.

Tony then spoke about motivating the next generation of coaches saying that it is important to share your passion and experiences, and to instil knowledge and qualities such as integrity. On top of this he said he believes CPD provides the framework for developing coaches and future high performance success

Reflecting on the recent historic success of the Paralympic Alpine ski Team, winning the first ever British Paralympic Gold medal, Tony finished with a message to inspire all – it is possible.

Great Britain’s Women’s Curling coach Rhona spoke about the natural competitiveness that drives her, saying she had added to this skills such as leadership and decision making on the the UK Sport Elite Coach Programme. She also said that she is motivated by athlete success.

Rhona said among the things she had learnt was that all athletes are different and it is important to listen and build relationships with them and to support their development. She also talked about designing training sessions that take athletes out of their comfort zone to help coping strategies and decision making. Related to this she mentioned the importance of providing positive feedback, while video footage and data helped the process of open discussion on performance.

Turning to inspiring the next generation of coaches, like Tony, Rhona mentioned the need for pathways and CPD. She added that it’s important to have values and stick to them and to embed qualities such as a winning culture, innovation and focusing on the details that matter.

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