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National Obesity Week: New Year, New You - Try Coaching

Tue, 10 Jan 2017

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Ushering in a New Year for many of us will mean setting new goals to accomplish in 2017; being more active, eating healthier and losing weight are common resolutions to choose.

‘JanUary 2017’, running from the 9-15 of this month, is an awareness week organised by the National Obesity Forum, as part of National Obesity Week. The campaign seeks to call on the public to join in with a ‘National New Year’s Resolution’ and pledge to make a small lifestyle change – such as exercising more regularly – to improve the nation’s health.

As the UK’s technical agency for coaching, Sports Coach UK knows that sometimes people need a nudge to take part in physical activity, and in fact 81% of participants who take part in sport, say coaching changed their enjoyment of playing sport.

This is why we launched our ‘Coaching Can’ campaign back in November 2016, to share the benefits of coaching. For instance did you know that coaching can improve your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as your individual, social and economic development?

Furthermore our recent ‘Social Return on Investment’ research, which looked at the value of coaching – specifically with a group of coaches working in Tyneside – found that the coaches involved in the project experienced increases in self-esteem and more positive aspirations about their futures, as well as more employment opportunities.

Mark Gannon, Chief Executive Officer at Sports Coach UK said,

“Coaching has long been considered to be about the development of skill within a sport, helping an athlete acquire, hone and transfer a skill in the pursuit of achievement. But coaching is much more than that.

“Coaching is about people. Improving people’s experiences of sport and physical activity by supporting their needs and aspirations. And, as our research shows it contributes to the wellbeing and development of both participant and the coach.

“So if you’ve never considered coaching, but you like to engage with people and want to deliver great experiences for others, then ‘Coaching Can’ will help you start your journey.”

Already there are 2.4 million people in the UK who provide coaching – under a variety of names: activators, instructors, leaders, teachers or trainers – to more than 7 million participants; changing the way people interact with sport and physical activity, as well as improving themselves.

‘Coaching Can’ change lives – so in 2017 why not see if it changes yours.

Head over to ‘Coaching Can’ to discover the benefits of coaching for yourself.

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