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National Occupational Standards for Coaching Review - Have Your Say

Mon, 15 Jul 2013

SkillsActive supported by sports coach UK is completing an online consultation on the draft National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Sports Coaching.

It is essential that the UK-wide National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Coaching reflect the functions of coaches in the many different environments in which they coach. This is a UK-wide review of the NOS with consultation in every home country.

How Can You be Involved?

Ensuring we have feedback from all sports and employers and deployers of coaches is vital to the development of the NOS .

You can have your say by:

New Standard Numbers and Titles

  • SKASC1: Support, plan and prepare a session
  • SKAC20: Provide equipment for activities
  • SKAC40: Follow emergency procedures
  • SKASC2: Conduct an activity within a session
  • SKAD20: Give good levels of service to participants
  • SKASC3: Plan and produce a  series of sports coaching sessions
  • SKASC4: Prepare effective and safe sports coaching venue
  • SKASC5: Develop and deliver
  • SKASC6: Evaluate sport coaching sessions
  • SKASC7: Interpret participants’ current and potential performance, needs and aspirations
  • SKASC8: Develop and plan sports coaching programmes
  • SKASC9: Manage effective and safe sports coaching programmes
  • SKASC10: Manage and deliver effective sports coaching programmes
  • SKASC11: Manage and enhance participant performance through effective sports coaching
  • SKASC12: Evaluate effective sports coaching programmes
  • N/A: merged with SKA 486
  • D511: Assist athletes to prevent and manage injury
  • D512: Apply the principles of flexibility to a coaching programme
  • B14: Assist athletes to plan and manage their lifestyle
  • B15: Assist athletes to plan and manage their own career
  • B16: Manage relationships with the media
  • D422: Assist athletes to develop their decision making skills
  • D423: Apply the principles of recovery training to a coaching programme
  • D424: Apply the principles of periodisation to a coaching programme
  • D428: Apply performance analysis techniques to a coaching programme
  • D429: Apply the principles of endurance training to a coaching programme
  • D430: Coach athletes in the fundamentals stage
  • D431: Coach athletes in the learning to train stage
  • D432: Coach athletes in the training to train stage
  • D433: Coach athletes in the training to compete stage
  • D434: Coach athletes in the training to win stage
  • D435: Apply behaviour management strategies to a coaching programme
  • D436: Apply the principles of nutrition to a coaching programme

A briefing paper providing an overview of the NOS development process and the key changes suggested by the Expert Working Groups (EWG) can also be downloaded by clicking on the link on the right-hand side of this page.


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