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New research: Supporting and promoting inclusive coach education (SPICE)

Fri, 04 Sep 2015

sports coach UK is pleased to publish new research conducted by the University of Worcester examining the culture of coach education in the UK.

Supporting and promoting inclusive coach education (SPICE) aimed to identify whether the culture of coach education systems affects the likelihood of engaging under-represented groups in coaching - specifically, women and girls, people with a disability and coaches from black and minority ethnic (BME) groups.

As well as the Executive Summary, Research Summaries of relevant literature and Conclusions and Recommendations, the new publication includes a series of individual case studies offering the opportunity to learn key lessons from coaching journeys and organisational case studies presenting good practice examples.

A resources case study based on a review of materials from the four National Governing Bodies supporting this project (British Cycling, British Equestrian Federation, British Gymnastics and British Rowing) also provides good practice examples of using inclusive materials in coach education.

In welcoming this research, sports coach UK has also developed a one page, 10 Top Tips document summarising some of the key findings and providing advice on how to make coach education more engaging for under-represented groups.

Steve McQuaid, Head of Coach Education at sports coach UK welcomed the outcomes of the SPICE research.

“This research helps us formulate a plan to make coach education more accessible to those traditionally underrepresented as participants, performers and coaches. It confirms the learner-centred approaches and a focus on coaching competence, as advocated by the UKCC, are required.

"There is a need to provide a continued focus on how the coach education is delivered. The need to be specific and use a targeted approach to the delivery will be explored further in the light of the emerging Coaching Plan for England.

"The top tips document starts to document how we are using the research to support the development of coaches and coaching. sports coach UK will continue to work with a range partners to support the development of appropriate blended education opportunities for all.”

Sarah Milner, sports coach UK Diversity and Inclusion Lead added:

“sports coach UK is committed to supporting the development of inclusive coach education so this research is very important.

"It is great news to see this research placing such great value on the need to evolve our coach education system to make coaching and being coached more inclusive.

"The importance of providing role models and a personalised, more accessible approach to coach development confirms the findings of research we undertook relating to women and qualifications and therefore underlines the need for work still to be done in this area.

"It is essential that we support our sports partners to look at how coach education is provided as well as what the content is. This way we will be able to support more people into coaching which will, in turn, provide better coached sessions to a greater number of participants.

"Furthermore, the work we are currently involved in through the SCORE programme will significantly increase the level of understanding around supporting more women as coaches around the EU.”

The results of the SPICE research are presented in a series of downloadable documents available in the sports coach UK Resource Bank.

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