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New sports coach UK Talent Foundation Series launched to help coaches maximise talent performance

Fri, 19 Sep 2014

sports coach UK is delighted to announce the development of four brand-new workshops in the new Talent Foundation Series:

These new continuing personal development (CPD) opportunities are an exciting chance for coaches to gain further insight and share knowledge with other coaches working in similar talent settings.

sports coach UK Development Lead Paul Connolly explains why these workshops were developed:

After the success of the Talent Coaches Breakfast Club, we identified a real demand from high-performing coaches with an interest in talent development, working, or having a desire to work, with emerging athletes within the England Talent Pathway, to have the opportunity to meet other coaches and delve deeper into the best ways to develop their athletes’ talent.

The Talent Foundation Series of workshops will allow coaches working in talent development to interact with like-minded people from many different sports and clubs, all of whom share the same passion for coaching and developing talent.

We know learning from other coaches can be invaluable. Workshop delegates tell us time and time again how sharing experiences with other coaches provides them with practical solutions and alternative approaches, and can spark new ideas.

What’s particularly exciting is, because the nature of talent development is so varied, no workshop a coach attends will be the same as another. The individual’s experience will be very much focused on what they and the rest of the group want to get out of that particular session. Because our tutor workforce are all subject-matter experts, we are able to provide coaches with this highly relevant, personalised experience.

British Showjumping ran the workshops for some of its coaches and was delighted with the results.

Nicky Fuller, Consultant Director of Coaching, said:

We ran the Talent Foundation Series of workshops for a group of our coaches, and it was a really positive experience. The coaches benefited greatly, in particular from the ability of the tutor to relate discussions to the environment they were working in. The blend of sharing research to underpin the content while also using practical examples was a good balance. What was also particularly valuable was sports coach UK was able to simplify and distil the talent development research findings and key messages into language and concepts that were easy for our coaches to digest. This helped to make the academic world of work more accessible, which is a much-needed bridge for coaches who are not familiar or confident with academic work. We look forward to running more of the workshops in the future.

The Talent Foundation Series is a further effort by sports coach UK to support coaches and governing bodies of sport to create a more knowledgeable and valued coaching workforce, who will be able to get the most out of their talented athletes.

Organisations interested in running these workshops should call the sports coach UK Workshop Booking Centre on 0845-601 3054 or visit for more information.

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