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New sports coach UK workshop launched to help coaches build on the Olympic legacy

Thu, 03 Oct 2013

sports coach UK is delighted to announce the development of a brand-new workshop ‘How to Deliver Engaging Sessions for Young People’.

This new practical-based continuing personal development (CPD) opportunity for coaches has been developed specifically to upskill the coaching workforce, to better meet the needs of the 14–25 age group to ensure they keep coming back for more sport.

sports coach UK Development Lead Liz Burkinshaw explains why the workshop was developed:

‘Sport England’s research shows a dropout rate across most sports around the ages of 14–25. So for anyone working in sport we are asking what’s the best way to increase the number in this age group who play sport once a week, and also how do we reduce the number of young people dropping out of sport by the age of 25?

‘At sports coach UK we passionately believe it’s coaching. Inspirational sporting achievements can get young people off their sofa and into sport, but it’s good coaching that will keep them there. We really believe improving the coaching experience of young people can make a real difference and help to ensure they stay in sport.’

England Handball ran the workshop for some of its coaches and was delighted with the results.

Liam McCarthy, National Coaching and Workforce Manager for England Handball, said:

‘Running this age-specific workshop for our coaches was a really great CPD opportunity for them. It developed their knowledge and skills to better meet the needs of this age group, but also crucially played a part in helping us meet our Sport England 14–25 participation targets.’

Handball coach Natasha Spencer, who attended the workshop, said:

‘Attending this workshop was a great experience as I now know how to better implement the C system in my coaching. I think it would be really beneficial for all coaches in the community, no matter the sport, to go on the workshop.’

The workshop is a further effort by sports coach UK to help build on the legacy of The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by giving sports organisations, including governing bodies of sport, county sports partnerships (CSPs) and local authorities, a practical solution to help to grow and sustain participation in sport among this age group.

Organisations interested in running this workshop should call the sports coach UK Workshop Booking Centre on 0845-601 3054 or view the workshop information page.

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