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Open University launches new coaching course

Sun, 04 Jun 2017

The Open University has produced a new online, free course titled: ‘Exploring sport coaching and psychology’.

Recommended by UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK), the multisport course is aimed at Level 1-3 coaches wanting to continue their professional development.

Introduced by GB hockey player Alex Danson, the course explores effective coaching and psychology using examples from individual athletes, coaches and teams.

Learners will identify key coaching decisions made for children; principles for guiding teenagers; and the practices of adult coaches working with international teams. These coaching insights are combined with exploring the main psychological aspects of sport, which often apply to life in general (e.g. handling pressure). The course concludes by getting learners to think about the future of coaching and exercise.

Within the course there is robust assessment and automatic progress tracking, which produces a digital badge – a new way of demonstrating online the procurement of knowledge. The badge can be shared through social media, and is displayed on a free statement of participation.

Learning outcomes from the course:

  • Outline the influences of, and links between, sport coaching and psychology for those developing their abilities in sport.
  • Describe different aspects of effective coaching and the way in which a coach may influence young people and adults.
  • Compare the psychological characteristics used in sporting careers to those you might need to shape your own future.
  • Reflect on your own sport or fitness behaviours, beliefs and practices and identify useful next steps for further development.
  • Understand and be confident in your ability to study online.

Access further details about the course and enrol.

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