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Our work in Core Cities

Mon, 18 Apr 2016

sports coach UK have been working with the eight Core Cities and London throughout 2015/16.

Through working with the Cities we have deepened our understanding about the values, motivations and barriers of participants and the key skills, qualities and competencies of deliverers. Linked to this, we are working with a number of cities to develop tailored, informal learning programmes that suit the learning styles and behaviours of those working within the inner city environment.

Some of the training has involved; social media training that looks at keeping participants engaged and active through social media as well as emotional intelligence training that helps the workforce to understand and control their own emotions and the emotions of those they work with. Lastly we have introduced behaviour change training which looks at what we understand about people and what this means for coaching in terms of moving people from being inactive or partly active to people that don’t think twice about regular activity.

This short film begins to show the impact the coaches are starting to have and what they are learning within the City environment.  This is just the start and we are using the learning to spread our reach further as we begin to work more closely with cities to develop a skilled and diverse workforce.

Watch the video via YouTube.

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