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Project 500: More Women, Better Coaching Video

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

Only 30% of coaches are female and Project500 want to change that!

Thanks to funding from Sport England, the Seven County Sports Partnerships in the South East have commissioned a recruitment video entitled ‘More Women, Better Coaching’.

Based on the premise that many women are already ‘coaching’ in their everyday lives, Project500 would like to encourage them to use their skills in sport and physical activity. Whether a parent, grandparent, nurse, office manager, teacher or even student mentor women help others to learn new skills, develop and grow as people. These are all skills that coaches, activators and leaders need to make sport a worthwhile and meaningful experience for their participants.

By recognising the connection between the existing skills women already have and how they can be transferred to sports coaching we will increase the diversity of the coaching workforce and offer more choice to our participants.

Project 500 is a regional initiative across the South East of England, developed and delivered by seven county sports partnerships. The project has been active since 2013 and aims to recruit, develop and retain more women in coaching.

Watch the video now.

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