Coaching in the UK

Reed Outlines Key Challenges

Tue, 03 Jun 2014

Sport and Recreation Chair Andy Reed told the UK Coaching Summit that a change of outlook is needed when setting physical activity and sport policy.

Reed highlighted the increased prominence of sport on the political agenda over the last 50 years. However, he also noted the complex sporting environment - and disjointed, short-term policy making.

He examined trends in society including an ageless population, the cult of celebrity, and the idea of the importance of an appearance of perfection in people’s lives. Reed also considered the challenges faced by society such as increased inactivity.

He said that to meet these changes  policy needs to be cross department and cross policy and must take into account changing society if it is to impact positively on people’s lives. This includes supporting physical activity in people’s everyday lives and ensuring there is access to physical activity and sport for everyone. It also means meeting  ‘consumer’ needs and understanding peoples’ environment, as opposed to falling back into the ‘comfort zone’ of methods and policy used before. He also added that, although sport ‘s political profile has grown, there is a need respond to changing political priorities for sport and physical activity following major events such as Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games.

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