Coaching in the UK

Sparkes Underlines Coaching's Role

Tue, 29 May 2012

British Swimming CEO David Sparkes has said that excellent coaching is key to the sport achieving its participation and performance targets, adding that swimming needs to train close to 10000 level-1 and level-2 coaches each year.

Sparkes believes, however, that coach training and recruitment needs to be structured so that the right coaches, with the right qualifications are in the right place to meet demand.

Speaking at the UK Coaching Summit 2012, he said to achieve this there need to be more sustainable clubs and programmes to support the coaches; on-going professional development; and better recruitment methods, particularly using the new apprenticeship frameworks.

He also underlined the importance of coaches having management and technical skills.

Sparkes said: “If we get this right, we will ensure every child in the pool has a quality experience from their first visit. We will also nurture talent through to the podium, and grow our sport sustainably.”


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