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Sport England appoints Head of Coaching to drive Coaching Plan

Fri, 19 Dec 2014

Sport England is working with sports coach UK and a range of partner organisations to develop a Coaching Plan for England that sets the future direction for coaching policy and investment.

The vision, mission and draft objectives of the plan were launched at the UK Coaching Summit in June 2014. After the Summit, a range of 1:1 meetings were held with key partners to flesh out the plan and gather sector comment. As a result of these meetings, the plan was revised and version 2 was sent out to key partners, and made available via the Sport England website, as part of an electronic survey in September.

Based on responses to the survey, a series of roadshow events were held with key partners in October, and feedback was also received from the UK Coaching Committee.

Feedback from the consultation was fairly consistent. There are now some chunky issues that require further exploration and Sport England is planning to address these through task and finish groups. These groups will be made up of key partners who expressed strong views through the consultation process, or who are recognised as having specific knowledge and experience relating to the issue.

The topics for further consideration include:

  • The role of a coach
  • Coach education and development
    - Common coaching units
    - Accessibility of qualifications
  • Coaching pathways
  • Coaching for children and young people
  • Talent outcomes

Sport England is absolutely committed to driving coaching in England and intends to lead the Coaching Plan for England even more strongly.  For the plan to be big enough to have the right positive impact, it has taken the decision to recruit a full time Head of Coaching and has confirmed that Justyn Price will be joining Sport England in January on a secondment from StreetGames UK.

Dr Tony Byrne, sports coach UK Chief Executive Officer, said: “sports coach UK is delighted to be working with Sport England and a range of partner organisations to drive the future of coaching policy and investment by developing a Coaching Plan for England. As the UK  agency for recruiting, retaining and developing coaches our experience and skills will be invaluable in helping direct the future direction for coaching policy and investment in coaching.

"We welcome the appointment of Justyn Price, who is a former award-winning Coach Educator of the Year. We are committed to putting coaching at the heart of sport and look forward to continuing work on this important project with Justyn and a range of partners ."

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