Coaching in the UK

Sport England strategy consultation - our response

Fri, 26 Feb 2016

Following publication of Sporting Future - the new Government strategy for sport, Sport England started consultation on its own strategy.

The consultation closes at 1700 on Monday 29 February. If you haven't yet responded, the details are here.

During briefings, SE staff have emphasised that coaching has deliberately not been put central to this consultation as they had an in-depth consultation in 2014 and 2015 to pull together the Coaching Plan for England.

The principles of our response – consistent with our response to the DCMS strategy consultation:

  • Coaching should be recognised for the wider benefits it can bring to society
  • A broad definition of coaching should be adopted to encompass all relevant roles
  • Sport England should commit to the recruitment, development, deployment and retention of a flexible and truly diverse workforce
  • sports coach UK is committed to working with Sport England and other landscape partners to bring effect to the new strategy
  • We encourage other organisations to work with us to embed a culture of collaboration.

Our full response is attached.

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