Coaching in the UK

sports coach UK response to Sport England Strategy

Thu, 19 May 2016

sports coach UK welcomes the recognition in Sport England’s 2016-21 strategy that coaches are at the heart of great sport and activity.

sports coach UK Chair Gillian Wilmot said: “Towards an Active Nation sets out clear priorities which will have the most impact on the greatest number of people. The role of coaches, trainers, instructors and leaders is vital in creating the behavioural changes needed for the strategy to succeed. 

“We welcome the recognition given to sports coach UK’s work over the past 10 years to improve coaching through standardised qualifications and the increase in skilled and active coaches. Sport England’s coaching vision of a ‘bold and happy workforce providing great experiences for an active nation’ is one with which every coach, club and employer can identify.

“The strategy’s shift in focus from those who are sporty to the currently inactive is one to which the majority of coaches can readily adapt. We encourage the customer-focussed principle of coaching the person through sport and physical activity. Many of the soft skills of coaching are relevant at all levels and in all activities, not simply in organised sport.

“We also welcome the stronger focus on volunteering and its benefits to the volunteer. The majority of the 2 million people who coach, instruct, lead, train, teach, support and encourage people in sport and activity are volunteers. That’s a huge resource as advocates of an active healthy lifestyle.

“Sport England’s call for a flexible workforce reflecting a diverse society exactly matches our long term aspiration for coaching. We are already working on digital platforms to make coaching more accessible. We also encourage collaboration, as our partnership with SkillsActive to run the Register of Exercise Professionals demonstrates. We welcome the new Sport England strategy and will continue to support the deliverers of sport and physical activity to reach and inspire an active nation.”

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