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sports coach UK Welcomes BBC Survey

Fri, 08 Mar 2013

At sports coach UK we welcome the findings of the BBC Sport Survey published on International Women’s Day that draws attention to some important issues for women in sport.

Our vision is for everyone to receive excellent coaching every time. We work with sports to help them recruit, develop and retain coaches. This includes ensuring women and men are able to develop their coaching skills and coach at the level they want to. We hope that today’s focus by the BBC on the challenges faced by women athletes and women coaches will encourage further discussion and action.

As an example of the resources and expertise sports coach UK provides for sports, we commissioned research with the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation on Coaching Female High-Performance Athletes. This research sought to understand what elite female athletes want from coaches and coaching. It found that:

  • Women wanted to feel like they could talk to their coach about anything and acknowledged they often wanted to know ‘why’ more than male athletes.
  • Many female athletes say their ideal coach would also be their mentor.
  • High-performance female athletes respect a coach that leads the team and who listens to their ideas and suggestions
  • Elite athletes want organised and tailored training sessions

It is also clear that, to encourage more women to take part in sport at all levels, we need more women coaches led by experienced women coaches as role models and mentors. Although the proportion of women coaches has risen in recent years, it’s still only 30 per cent so we still have a long way to go. Our Resource Bank provides a great deal of information on women's coaching.

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