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sports coach UK welcomes PE and School-Sport Funding Announcement

Thu, 06 Feb 2014

sports coach UK welcomes the Government’s announcement to commit funding to the PE and School Sport Premium to 2020 – and that £750m will be invested over the course of the next parliament.

Speaking in response to the news, CEO Dr Tony Byrne said: “It’s good to have confirmation that this direct funding for primary schools is to be extended.

“This will allow for the development of an effective long-term strategy for PE and school sport which should include provision of specialist PE teachers supported by appropriately qualified professionals in primary schools. It will also enable head teachers to plan on a long-term basis and ensure that they can make the most practical, direct use of the funding to further the provision of PE and sport for their pupils.

“sports coach UK has developed a School Sport Portal with a range of guidance, tools and resources to support Head teachers and others, and so ensure sustainable use of the funding. These have been created in partnership with the Association for Physical Education, the County Sports Partnership Network, Sport England and the Youth Sport Trust, enabling Head Teachers to have reliable, technical, objective advice”.

The sports coach UK web portal is updated on a regular basis.


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