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sports coach UK Welcomes School Sport Announcement

Mon, 18 Mar 2013

The Government has announced funding of £150M a year for the next two years into primary school sport, together with new measures to develop initial teacher training and strengthen school-club links for 11-14 year-olds. sports coach UK welcomes this fantastic opportunity, not only for the children who will benefit directly, but for those involved in PE and sport to work more closely together.

sports coach UK CEO Dr Tony Byrne said: “Primary teachers, PE teachers and coaches all play key roles in developing physical literacy and talent and encouraging a child’s lifelong involvement in sport and physical activity. 

“The two-year programme will have a positive impact on primary school sport. It is important that all agencies work together to deliver change in this period and secure further funding for sustained transformation of sport for young people.”

The announcement follows recent news of proposed changes to the national curriculum which highlights the importance of pupils being able to understand and apply skills in physical education.

Dr Byrne added: “PE and school sport should play a central role in every child’s development. We believe it’s most beneficial to children when coaches and teachers work together to enhance each others’ skills. That is why we believe in both specialist PE teachers and specialist children’s coaches.

“We’re also delighted with the announcement that Sport England has increased the scope of two major initiatives, so that 11-14 year olds can benefit from the transition from school to community sport.

“sports coach UK is committed to working with the Association for Physical Education, Governing Bodies of Sport and County Sports Partnerships to increase the quality and quantity of PE and sport across England.”

sports coach UK has developed the 2013-16 Coaching Children Action Plan with the Association for Physical Education and others. This sets out our recommendations for the coaching of children in the 21st Century and will play a key role in delivering the vision of Excellent Coaching, Every Time for Everyone.”

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