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Three-piece suite for children's coaches

Mon, 24 Jul 2017

Those charged with introducing children to sport and physical activity have a valuable role to play in society. Coaches shoulder a huge responsibility by endeavouring to help children develop both as well-rounded individuals and proficient athletes – by feeding their passion for sport and competition. Which is why cutting edge coach education is so vital.

To hit the highest standards, coaches must continually challenge themselves to adapt and evolve their coaching practice.

UK Coaching’s ‘Coaching Children 5–12: The Next Generation’ workshop aims to provide modern children’s coaches with all the information they need to make that journey a fun and rewarding one for the coach and the participant.

The workshop serves as a practical example of how evolved thinking and the latest academic research can help to enhance the development of children as individuals – improving confidence and competence in their physical abilities, and equipping them with valuable life skills they will need to contribute to society.

Two intrinsic coaching models that help underpin children’s development as people and performers, and which feature in the workshop and accompanying resource book, are the ‘C’ system – a model for the holistic coaching of children – and Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU); while there are individual sections dedicated to child physiology, cognitive considerations and behaviour management.

The workshop forms part of a three-piece learning suite for children’s coaches, which also includes:

  1. Safeguarding and Protecting Children
  2. How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement

These practical courses translate cutting-edge research into practical ideas and will give children’s coaches the confidence to apply their new knowledge to:

  • improving childrens confidence and competence in their physical abilities
  • developing children socially and emotionally
  • providing children with valuable life skills
  • helping keep children safe.

While there is no requirement to take each workshop in turn, as a collective, they form a comprehensive set. See details of how to organise a workshop for your coaches.

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