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Tue, 23 May 2017

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Our Behaviour Change Tactics workshop has proved a hugely popular addition to our comprehensive collection.

They say numbers don’t lie, so when we crunched the figures relating to our new offering – which we launched eight months ago – they added up to a satisfying fact.

The Behaviour Change workshop has been the most popular brand-new workshop UK Coaching has ever run.

Sixty have been booked so far, with around 750 delegates attending.

That’s great news for UK Coaching, and even better news for the country, as the number of coaches and activity leaders trained in using simple strategies to incentivise people to get active continues to escalate.

Sustained behaviour change is a key component of Sport England’s strategy to inspire a more active nation, and by attending the practical, face-to-face course, coaches will hone their people skills – which are so important in motivating lasting behaviour change – as well as learn innovative nudge tactics to steer those whose activity habits lapse back on track.

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