Coaching in the UK

Townsend Talks Coaching Principles and Environment

Tue, 03 Jun 2014

Gregor Townsend spoke to the UK Coaching Summit in Glasgow about key principles he goes by, and creating the right environment.

The Glasgow Warriors Head Coach outlined three key principles:

  • Celebrate achievement
  • Challenge under-performance
  • Highlight and reward effort

The former Scotland international also highlighted four key areas for creating the right environment:

  • People: Recruitment and team selection
  • Strategy: Planning to win
  • Culture: Learning environment
  • Love your job

Expanding on strategy Gregor spent time looking at 'sacrificial acts' in a team, where team members are prepared to go that extra mile as part of the team effort.

Regarding culture he talked about the importance of a coach learning from experiences, books and other sports and a learning culture among the players, adding that Glasgow Warriors used technology to track player improvement and workrate.

Finally, talking about having a love for your job he spoke about a coach having care for the players, and for players to be prepared to put their body on the line for each other. 

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