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UK Coaching research shows you're better Connected

Tue, 15 Aug 2017

An in depth nine-month research study conducted in partnership with Hull University has shown that being a member of ConnectedCoaches – UK Coaching’s free learning community for coaches from all sports and activities - can make you a better coach.

The purpose of the project was to investigate the benefits of deliberately designed and delivered learning, which included coaches’ engagement with ConnectedCoaches, on the development and subsequent behaviour and practice of coaches.

The journeys of three coaches were tracked, and their progress monitored and analysed.

The results show that ConnectedCoaches can play an important part in contributing positively towards coach learning and personal development.

UK Coaching Chief Executive Mark Gannon said:

‘ConnectedCoaches was created to help those who coach learn from peers and the wider coaching community. Many coaches across physical activity and sport can learn from one another but needed a better way to connect and do so. Now that we have evidence to corroborate this we really want to use the findings in this study to promote and circulate the message that sharing, swapping, supporting and connecting leads to more empowered, more inspired coaches at every level, and we want to facilitate this for all coaches.

‘At UK Coaching we know that coaching has much wider benefits on society, including physical and mental wellbeing, individual, social and economic development. Ultimately, coaching can help and inspire people to achieve their goals.

‘We envisage a community where coaches continuously build and inspire a deeper understanding of coaching, which in turn builds their confidence. When coaches grow in confidence, they are always challenging themselves to improve and achieve amazing things for the people they coach.’

You can find out more about each coaches journey in this ConnectedCoaches article.

Coaches from all sports and activities can join the ConnectedCoaches community for free here

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