Coaching in the UK

UKCC Lead Officer Training (LOT) conference for those developing coaches

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

A conference held on 16 March at the Crown Plaza Nottingham saw a mixture of the first two cohorts of the UKCC Lead Officer Training and invited guests. Representatives from 20 NGBs, 3 home nations and other partners, such as Street Games and Youth Sports Trust were amongst the attendees.

Kurt Lindley welcomed the group to the first of such conferences and set the sense for the day’s agenda. The Key Note speaker was Julian Stodd who presentated on the social age in 2016. Julian's presentation was about how our world has changed and many of the fundamentals that served us so well for so long are evolving into new, uncertain and impermanent structures. Reflecting this change the presentation was delivered to the conference via Webex, showing a blended approach of technology and delivery.

The rest of the day was made up of four sessions, three delivered by sports coach UK staff:

  • Emotional Intelligence and the Coach Developer - Sarah Collings, sports coach UK
  • Engaging with Behaviour Change - Liz Burkinshaw, sports coach UK
  • Using Social Media Effectively - Steve Bentall, sports coach UK
  • Developing more capable learners by strengthening key learning skills - Ann Alder

Tim Messent, Area Education and Training Manager, British Rowing said:

We have already started to look at the how to share some of the good practice from these days through our team meetings. I have an hour at the next meeting to share some of the key topics. Liz’s session around behaviour change was very useful and has inspired me to reflect on the beginning and end of my coach education sessions but also look at the courses and qualification we run to see how we can make small changes for maximum effect.

Georgina Williams, Trainer, England Athletics said:

I particularly enjoyed the "jigsaw" session! Inspirational way to deliver her learning outcome. The keynote speaker set the day up well. His head seems to work like some massive brain storm and then it all comes out making sense.

Simon Toole, sport NI said:

Julian’s key note really got me thinking again about the ‘how we learn’ type content and combined with the learning workshop again got me think about how we structure our programmes, how can we add value by adding little additional opportunities to nudge people towards independent learning and reflection. Then the social media session gave me an idea around collaborative design of something, so today I’ve tweeted to give people the chance to get involved via twitter in collaborating on the design of the programme for our children’s coach development conference.  It was a nice easy nugget of an idea, that you could just pinch and go use straight away.


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