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Unlimited free coach and athlete reports for coaches in 2017

Mon, 16 Jan 2017

Thanks to a new partnership between ConnectedCoaches – Sports Coach UK’s free online community for coaches of all sports and activities – and Tandem, ConnectedCoaches members can enjoy free and unlimited coach, athlete and coach & athlete Tandem reports for all of 2017.

What is Tandem?

Tandem is a coaching software tool based on extensive sport psychology research from Loughborough University that aims to support coaches and their athletes in developing better, more effective and successful working partnerships. The tool aims to help identify vulnerabilities and challenges that may limit progress within the competitive sport context. It can promote understanding of interpersonal strengths and weaknesses by identifying barriers that may prevent exceptional personal development and performance accomplishments. The main psychometric tools contained within Tandem are the only empirically validated tools available to assess the quality of the coach-athlete relationship and supply feedback about what coaches and athletes/participants can do to optimise their relationship’s effectiveness and success.

Tandem is the culmination of research work conducted over the past 20 years at Loughborough University under the leadership of Dr Sophia Jowett.

"Our research has shown that coaches and athletes who are close, committed and complementary are more likely to be happy, satisfied, successful, confident, competent and motivated than coaches and athletes who are not close, committed and complementary in the ways they relate, interact and communicate. Coaches and athletes who have the capacity, through their good quality relationships, to create an interpersonal environment that is positive and constructive are more likely to thrive. It is this connection that makes a difference to technical coaching because it supplies us with the key to opening the door to our athletes’/participants’ capabilities, capacities and potential.

"We’re delighted to team up with ConnectedCoaches and be able to offer unlimited free Tandem reports to members for all of 2017. We hope that this partnership will help coaches develop the relationships they have with their athletes/participants, resulting in an improvement in their athletes’ performance and participants’ experience," said Sophia.

How can coaches enjoy free Tandem reports?

You can find out more about Tandem by reading ConnectedCoaches member Chris Chapman’s review. Download the attachment at the end of his blog to discover how to take advantage of this great offer.

Coaches from all sports and activities can find out more about the ConnectedCoaches community and join for free here.

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