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What makes your session unmissable?

Thu, 03 Sep 2015

Coaches are critical to the success of any youth sports session. In order to help create unmissable coaching sessions, sports coach UK and Sport England, have created a short animation and accompanying support guide for coaches to generate ideas for their sessions.

‘What makes your session UNMISSABLE for young people' draws on recent research and contains fun ideas and tips for coaches. It is the first in a series of three animations, with further creations and guidance coming soon.

The unmissable session animation recognises that young people are not all the same and want experiences that are tailored to them – coaches need to understand their motivations, their likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams if they are to offer sessions young people want to return to.

Research has found that behaviour can vary from month to month, even week to week rather than always be the same and a positive experience for one young person might be very different to another. This series aims to help coaches see that young people are seeking meaningful experiences and need a reason to come back next week.

Liz Burkinshaw, Development Lead Officer in Participation for sports coach UK, said:

“What makes your session unmissable is about encouraging coaches to think about the needs and demands of their audience in a world where so many activities are competing for a young person’s time.

“By considering their audience at all stages of planning, coaches are more likely to create content that young people want to participate in.

“We also want to know how users of the animation and guides have started to make their session unmissable and are asking coaches to get involved by telling us about your session using #UnmissableSport.”

The animation is available now below. The accompanying information guide can be found in our resource bank.

Tell us how you have made your session unmissable using #UnmissableSport on Twitter.

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