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Youth Sport Trust Volunteer Week Twitter Hour

Tue, 31 May 2016

As part of National Volunteers Week, Youth Sport Trust is hosting a live Twitter Q&A hour, Tuesday 7 June, 8-9pm. The focus will be on young people in the limelight of the discussion around volunteering. The outcomes for the event are:

  • Increase awareness of the important role young volunteers play in sport
  • Discuss the benefits that young volunteers can gain
  • Share the opportunities and challenges facing young volunteers in sport


The schedule:

  1. 20:00 What are the benefits of volunteering for young people?
  2. 20:15 What/where are the opportunities for young people to volunteer in sport?
  3. 20:30 What makes a positive young volunteer experience?
  4. 20:40 What are the barriers to young people getting involved in volunteering?
  5. 20:50 How can we retain and encourage more young people to volunteer?

*Flexibility around timings – subject to level of interaction and discussion


How does it work?

The twitter chat will be running from the Youth Sport Trust twitter account (@YouthSportTrust) which you can follow using the hashtag, #YoungVol

On the day itself, it will start at about 7:45pm and the questions begin from 8pm.

Tag your answer with #YoungVol so that everyone can see your contributions!

You can then check out the Storify following the event to catch up on #YoungVol if you do not get a chance to participate on the night.

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