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sports coach UK Welcomes Recognition of Coaching

sports coach UK has welcomed the recognition given to the role of the coach in the recent review More than a Game published by the Centre for Social Justice.

Commenting on the report, sports coach UK CEO Dr Tony Byrne said: "This review into how sport can transform the lives of disadvantaged young people recognises the pivotal role that effective coaching can play. Several aspects of the review reflect the emphasis we have placed on providing continuous professional development for coaches to ensure they are equipped to meet the needs of young people.

"In particular, we note the statement that “the main contribution which sport can make towards the development of...troubled or vulnerable young people lies in the potential inherent in the relationship between coach and participant”. We know that about 80% of coaches work with children as well as adults. We have therefore developed a series of CPD resources including workshops and books such as Coaching the Whole Child referenced in the CSJ report.

"In addition, working in partnership with the Active Communities Network and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, we have developed two specific awards, the   1st4sport Award Using Sport to Tackle Youth Crime (QCF) at Level 1 and Level 2.

"We recognise all the cautions given in the CSJ Review about evidencing the impact of coaching, together with the identification that more research is needed. To this, we would add the comment that research should be co-ordinated wherever possible to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources. We look forward to working with our research partners on this. Similarly, we welcome the call to improve the level of co-ordination between the various Government departments which influence sports policy.

"Finally, we note the recommendation that a greater percentage of funding should be directed to support the higher levels of coaching qualifications. The processes of participant and coach development modelling, together with workforce auditing allow sports to identify their workforce needs and so ensure the right coach is available in the right place at the right time. We look forward to discussing the report’s recommendation with all the Home Country Sports Councils and Coach Education specialists within Governing Bodies of Sport."

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