Coaching Qualifications and CPD

Coaching qualifications offer formal recognition of a 'fit-for-purpose' coach. This is someone that can coach a specific sport, or discipline, in a particular environment to a recognised standard as defined by the governing body.

The UKCC – managed by sports coach UK – is maintaining the standards of coaching qualifications across the UK by supporting, endorsing and continuously improving sports' coach-education programmes.

The UKCC is a development framework that supports the:

  • development of governing body of sport coach education programmes
  • endorsement of governing body of sport coach education programmes
  • continuous improvement of governing body sport coach education programmes

The UKCC does not take a one-size-fits-all approach and is implemented according to the specific characteristics of each sport. A UKCC-endorsed coach-education programme is developed by each governing body to meet the needs of its sport and sports coaches.

>> Guidance for governing bodies on designing UKCC programmes

UKCC Coaching qualifications include:

  • qualification content: an outline of topics and a learning curriculum
  • learning programme: a schedule for learning and assessment activities
  • coach-education workforce: tutors, assessors and verifiers
  • learning resources: teaching, learning and assessment materials
  • quality assurance: a programme for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of delivery
  • financial model: to ensure the costs of delivery and attendance are sustainable.

CPD complements qualification-based learning with varied, informal and formal learning. This includes workshops, working with other coaches, mentoring, eLearning and reflective coaching.

>> CPD workshops for coaches

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