England Coaching Network

The England Coaching Network (ECN) is the key local mechanism for delivering the coaching elements of the DCMS ‘Sporting Future Strategy’ outcomes, Sport England's ‘Towards an Active Nation’ and the ‘Coaching Plan for England’.

The ECN is the collective coaching expertise of the 44 county sports partnerships (CSPs).

In 2016 CSPs are taking a new approach, which will see the CSPs take risks and start to consider new ways of flexible and innovative working.  This will make coaching accessible for coaches and those that want to be coached.

Sport England invests into coaching through the 44 CSPs annually.  The purpose of this investment is to ensure delivery of the CSP coaching specification, which addresses four service areas:

1. Talent coaches (first selective environments)
2. Diversity (addressing the imbalance in four under-represented groups - women, low socio economic, disability, BAME)
3. Testing the ‘Coaching Plan for England’ principles through Sport England programme delivery
4. Activating national campaigns locally

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