Partner Event Programme

The Partner Event Programme 2016-17will host a series of vibrant, sector leading events for senior leaders, coaching leads and wider organisational staff to communicate a clear vision for the Future of Coaching. The Partner Event Programme will

  • Advocate key sector themes.
  • Create networks and collaborations to progress key sector themes.
  • Assist sports coach UK’s objective to be the thought leader for coaching.
  • Help inform the strands, content and sessions for the 2017 Summit.
  • Allow sports coach UK to maintain a relationship with a wide group of partners, whilst providing targeted services to a much smaller group.

The programme will deliver to County Sports Partnerships, National Governing Bodies of sport, Core Cities as well as wider partners. The programme will include a range of events:

Sector theme advisory groups: Bringing together the foremost thought leaders for each theme, from within and outside the sport coaching sector to define a consensus viewpoint and advocate best practice. These events will also identify evidence, best practice and individuals to assist future sports coach UK events, projects, product design, research and campaigns.

Community of Practice events: Taking ideas form the advisory groups and applying these in practice, testing effectiveness, collating and recording the learning. These events will advance the sectors knowledge and research base and feed this back to the advisory groups.

Coaching lead advocacy events: Engaging and inspirational events designed to motivate partners to strive for best practice across the sector themes. These events are an opportunity to showcase certain partners and individuals who are leading the sector.

All events are by invite only. If you are interested in attending, please email [email protected].

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