UK Coaching Summit 2015

The Summit theme in 2015 was The Future of Coaching.

This year's Summit was attended by 280 delegates from across the UK. It had a number of innovations: Panel debates with audience voting technology and immediate feedback; Twitter highlights from every session using #ukcoachingsummit reached over 300,000 people and some sessions were streamed via Periscope. You can read a summary of the Future of Coaching debate here and see the background material at right. As Day Two of the Summit coincided with Workforce Wednesday of Women's Sport Week 2015, there was a strong focus on the topic of women in coaching. For a summary of the Women and Coaching debate, click here. The Summit closed with an important announcement from Dr Tony Byrne, sports coach UK CEO.

To view the full programme, click here. Presentations from this year's UK Coaching Summit are available to download from the box at right:

The Future of Coaching Panel debate
Coaching across Communities Panel debate
How technology changes how we learn Stodd
What's in a City? Wileman and Foley
The Social Value of a Coach Hopkinson and Callaghan
Creative Mentoring (two presentations) Hodge, Dixon, Linton and Maddox
Excellence is Everything - UK Coaching Framework Corfield, Bowring, Curran, Price and Taylor
Coach Licensing  Scheme Mackintosh
Keynote - Coaching: Friend, Fad or Foe? Worth
Women and Coaching Panel debate
Careers, Lives and Wellbeing of female coaches Norman and Didymus
How did Welsh Gymnastics grow our membership? Jones and Coombs
Inclusive Coaching as a UK Group Reid
Embed the Pathway Fretwell


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